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C Language

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11.) Overloaded functions are

A.) Very long functions that can hardly run

B.) One function containing another one or more functions inside it.

C.) Two or more functions with the same name but different number

     of parameters or type.

D.) None of above

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Answer: Option D

12.) Find out the error in following block of code.

 If (x = 100)

      Cout << “x is 100”;

A.) 100 should be enclosed in quotations

B.) There is no semicolon at the end of first line

C.) Equals to operator mistake

D.) Variable x should not be inside quotation

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Answer: Option C

 13.) When we mention the prototype of a function?

A. Defining                         B. Declaring

C. Prototyping                         D. Calling

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Answer: Option B

14.) The difference between while structure and do structure for looping is

A.) In while statement the condition is tested at the end of

     first iteration

B.) In do structure the condition is tested at the beginning

     of first iteration

C.) The do structure decides whether to start the loop code or not

      whereas while statement decides whether to repeat the code

      or not

D.)  In while structure condition is tested before executing statements

      inside loop whereas in do structure condition is tested before

      repeating the statements inside loop

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Answer: Option D

  15.) Specify the 2 library functions to dynamically allocate memory?

A.) malloc() and memalloc()

B.) alloc() and memalloc()

C.) malloc() and calloc()

D.) memalloc() and faralloc()

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Answer: Option  C


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