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Technical Question

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19.) The Windows Experience Index is used to determine:

A.) remaining hard disk storage space.

B.) a performance value of system components.

C.) the speed and available bandwidth of Internet connections.

D.) the reliability and speed of search indexing.

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Answer Option   B


  20.) Which of the following audio/video devices have the ability to decode NTSC/PAL signals from an external source?

A.) TV tuner card

B.) Graphics card

C.) Video capture card

D.) Sound card

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Answer Option  A


21.) Which of the following types of media is considered solid state?

A.) Tape drive

B.) Floppy disk


D.) Flash media

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Answer Option  D


22.) Which of the following is the system bus speed of a PC2700 memory?

A.) 133MHz

B.) 166MHz

C.) 266MHz

D.) 333MHz

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Answer Option B


23.) Which of the following is the BitLocker utility used for?

A.) Storing passwords

B.) Blocking harmful network traffic

C.) Securing wireless access points

D.) Encrypting hard drives

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Answer Option  D


24.) What is the name given to the organized collection of software that controls the overall operation of a computer?

A.)     Controlling system

B.)     Peripheral system

C.)     Operating system

D.)     Working system

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Answer Option  C


Oracle Certification


The Oracle Certification Program is a professional certification program offered by the Oracle Corporation. There are three levels of Oracle Certification in several disciplines: Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Certified Master (OCM).

Java Certification


Sun Certified Professional (SCP) is a professional certification program by Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. There are two levels of java Certification in several disciplines: Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA), Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), and Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD)

Red Hat Certification


The Red Hat Certification Program is Red Hat's professional certification program for Red Hat and general Linux related skills such as system administration on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)  and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)